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Turbo Cherrys


By Teds Budz

Turbo Cherrys by Teds Budz
Turbo Cherrys by Teds Budz


Sour worms, cherry tart, pineapple peel


Bulky shiny buds, layered with dark orange hairs, light green hues


Lemon pine, cookies, gas


Body relaxation, focus, mind altering


Turbo Cherries dialed in and looking insanely beautiful! This ain’t the average flower on the market, the buds are dense and colorful along with a sticky consistency upon breakdown. The smell is gassy with a candy backend to it, tasting like straight gas candy smoke! We love flavor and terps, but we still like weed with potency that hits, this one hits your head strong with a focused and relaxed high that most flower is missing now a days. These Turbo Cherries are guaranteed to smack, always fresh and loud which is what makes this strain exotic and special so please do not sleep on this one!

Turbo Cherrys by Teds Budz
Turbo Cherrys by Teds Budz

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