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By Teds Budz

Sherblato by Gooniez
Sherblato by Gooniez


Orange creamsicle, berries, citrus peel


Frosty layers, light yellow orange hairs, dark purple hues


Creamy, gassy, berries


Euphoric, creative, joyful


Sherblato gives you the best of both worlds, flavor and potency curated to perfection. As soon as you take a hit, you will get an explosion of flavors we're talking creamy, fruity, gassy and sweet terps that have you wanting more and more. Sherblato is a very good hybrid but it definitely leans towards indica this baby will smack you upside your head! The flavor is fire, testing high in terps and thc, enriched with some nice cotton candy type of terps that you don't want to miss. The buds look amazing, we're talking real dark purple mixed in with frosty layers of trichomes and sweet candy aromas that pop right out of the bag soon as you open it. Real curated exotics for the people, all real terps and proper smoke, don't sleep on this Sherblato!

Sherblato by Gooniez
Sherblato by Gooniez

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