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Root Beer Jelly Roll

Updated: Feb 22


By Teds Budz

Root Beer Jelly Roll by Teds Budz
Root Beer Jelly Roll by Teds Budz

Root Beer Jelly Roll🍺

(Root Beer Gelato 🍺 x Rainbow Runtz🌈)


The terpene profile bursts outside of the bag with a disturbing creamy root beer float aroma that is intriguing, however when broken down the “Z” citrus is very apparent.


The nug structure is perfect with a beautiful display of purple undertones, dark greenery, and dense trichomes.


Unlike any other candy strain on the market, root beer jelly roll has a deep rich sweetness that can only be described as being similar to cough syrup.


Root Beer Gelato = this strain makes you feel creative, giggly, and energetic

Rainbow Runtz = Candy terpenes, big nugs and frosty appearance

Root beer jelly roll has been a highly requested flower since it first dropped at the beginning of 2023 - reason being that root beer gelato is the most unique amongst the gelato phenotypes and genotypes displaying none of the classic features of the classic candy strain. This creamy root beer float aroma and palate will take your smoke to the next level.

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