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Pink Elephantz


By Teds Budz

Pink Elephantz by Jelly Co
Pink Elephantz by Jelly Co


Sweet apple, piney, sour worms


Light and dark green hues, light orange hairs, dense


Fruity, gas, licorice


Energetic, focused, relaxing


Pink Elephantz is not to be played with! The potency is not lacking, this premium flower will put you down! First off the buds are beautiful - full of crystals, orange hairs and perfect structure. Each puff of this is packed with flavor, candy and gas, tasty in bubblers joints and blunts. When we say this strain will put you down, we mean this one hits heavy, the potency is high, hitting straight to your body causing heavy relaxation and joyful vibes. A very soothing strain, we’d recommend to get ready to chill after smoking this one because you’re in for a treat. Every hit has flavor, you will feel your lungs expand and you will release some sweet smoke that you can taste through the whole sesh, you’ll definitely enjoy this one.

Pink Elephantz by Jelly Co
Pink Elephantz by Jelly Co

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