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Hawaiian Jelly Roll

Updated: Jun 9, 2023


By Teds Budz

Hawaiian Jelly Roll by Teds Budz
Hawaiian Jelly Roll by Teds Budz


Pink Runtz x Gello


Cherry gas, caramel, fruit loops


Purple, neon green , orange hairs - Incredibly triched out this flower is practically covered in trichomes that help accentuate the flavor and terp profile.


Sweet, spicy, licorice candy


Head high, appetite stimulator, body relaxation. Hawaiian Jelly Roll is a personal favorite of Teds Budz due to its heavy strawberry gello terps that are easy to smell through the packaging. This bud is unique, not your typical runtz this gives off a tropical flavor profile.


Jelly Roll is one of those staple strains that keeps coming back better and better dialed in to perfection. The candy aromas that come out of this flower are super sweet with licorice and gas in the backend making it a delicious treat. The flavor has some citrus with a smooth chocolate creamy gas that makes it a trifecta of complex flavorful terps. These buds come bulky, covered in frost and orange hairs, and when you break it down you can feel the sticky trichomes in your fingers leaving a sweet scent lingering in the air. The effects are heavy but well balanced , leaving you in a state of bliss and peacefulness followed by heavy body relaxation making it the perfect strain for after a long day.

Hawaiian Jelly Roll by Teds Budz
Hawaiian Jelly Roll by Teds Budz

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