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Grape Guava

Updated: Sep 11, 2023


By Teds Budz

Grape Guava by Zatix
Grape Guava by Zatix


Guava peel, earthy, lemon zest


Dark purple, layers of crystals, orange hairs


Fruit punch, berries, lemon


Couchlock, muscle relaxation, creativity


If you liked the Blue Guava by Zatix you're going to love this Grape Guava! So the genetics changed a slight bit, you still get those powerful candy guava terps but with a touch of gas making this one a treat. It's a hybrid kind of high but it will put you out, making this the perfect strain for after a long day. The aroma is all berries with lemon and guava juice making you want to smoke the buds right away. The buds look amazing flooded with trichomes and nice orange hairs. This weed is sticky too, upon breakdown you can see all the trichomes sticking to eachother leaving a pungent gas aroma in the area. This flower is cured to perfection burning with white ashes, oil ring, very nice lung pressure and a long lasting high. Do not sleep on this baddie because she's smoking more than proper !

Grape Guava by Zatix
Grape Guava by Zatix

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