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Chick Fries

Updated: Sep 5


By Teds Budz

Chick Fries by 12 Alarm Fire
Chick Fries by 12 Alarm Fire


Spice, woody, earthy


Purple guts, shiny crystals, light variations of green


Piney, fresh cut grass, grapefruit


Uplifting, euphoric, happy


Chick Fries by 12 Alarm Fire coming through with some fresh gas candy terps. We take the menu serious, when it comes to dropping heat we make sure it's A-1. The terps on this baddie were earthy, fruity and gassy the perfect combo for a delicious smoking experience. As soon as you inhale you will feel your lungs expand, the exhale will be smooth and flavorful. These buds look beautiful, covered in frost and wow they're sticky! The effects are potent but perfectly balanced, you can still function while feeling uplifted and joyful with a sense of euphoria. Overall this is that strain you want to pop out to treat you and your friends special smoke sesh!

Chick Fries by 12 Alarm Fire
Chick Fries by 12 Alarm Fire

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