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Cereza Dummiez


By Teds Budz

Cereza Dummiez by Jelly Co.
Cereza Dummiez by Jelly Co.


Gassy, berries, cotton candy


Frosty, dense and sticky foxtails


Citrus, wild berries, licorice and Og gas


Couchlock, euphoric, creative


"Cereza Dummiez" brought to you By JellyCo this strain is one you won't forget, due to its flavor and long lasting effects. This flower is not only beautiful but she is tasty! The terps on this are super sweet, tasting like berries, lemons and lemon head candy. As soon as you take that 2nd or 3rd drag you will start to feel it relaxing your brain and sink into the body making a very relaxing experience. The aroma is strong, very pungent, as soon as you open the packaging you will be hit with floral lemon candy notes that leave the area lingering like fresh candy pine. These buds are very sticky , dense, and breakdown nicely leaving gassy candy aroma in the air. Real exotic flower with an exotic experience.

Ancient Gumdrop Teds Budz x Gooniez
Cereza Dummiez by Jelly Co.

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