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By Teds Budz x Cream City

Catfish by Teds Budz x Cream City
Catfish by Teds Budz x Cream City



Heavy candy gas nose due to the Runtz back cross, delectable and sweet. Upon breakdown an irresistible gasoline aroma seeps out thus indicating a very rich and powerful smoke is ahead.


Very green flower with purple undertones a 70/30 ratio , covered in white trichomes. Break down is extremely sticky which makes it perfect for rolling in a handcrafted joint. The Buds are not dense but the perfect structure not round but slightly calyxed , similar to the phenotype of big squid.


Heavy couch lock effects due to the body high , overwhelming increase of appetite, tasty candy inhale and smooth exhale. Although the smoke on the flower is very tasty don’t be fooled — it will make opticals blood shot read and leave consumer noticeably high.

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